Huawei has recently made a big change in support of releasing new HarmonyOS atomic services on its app distribution platform – AppGallery. The company has announced to separate the distribution category for both app and the services filed, which would make it easy for the app developers to make new HarmonyOS atomic services.

Atomic Services are future-oriented user applications provided by Huawei HarmonyOS. They are installation-free (installed automatically by the application framework in the background) and can offer one or more convenient services for users.

The use cases of Atomic services are very simple. For example, the shopping app A that must be installed in a conventional manner can be redesigned into an installation-free shopping Atomic Service A* that offers several convenient services, including goods browsing, shopping cart, and payment.

HarmonyOS Atomic Service platform:

HarmonyOS Connect is Huawei’s unified atomized service access and distribution platform. Once…

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