Loop Haiti is the most popular Haitian media outlet in 2022, according to recent report by SEO expert Jerry Louis-Jeune, published this week.

In his report on the 10 most popular Haitian media and magazines in 2022, the specialist and consultant in Digital Marketing and SEO, Jerry Louis-Jeune, indicates that Loop Haiti occupies the first place in the ranking with a domain authority of 68 out of 100 and a total of 22.6 million backlinks. Juno7 and Le Nouvelliste are second and ninth in the top 10, respectively.

Twenty-one (21) Haitian media were the subject of this study, based essentially on the authority of the domain (Domain Authority (DA). According to the technician, “this indicator is a ranking score for search engines developed by Moz, which predicts the likelihood of a website ranking high in search engine results pages.”

The FoundAfro founder explains that “Domain authority scores range from 1 to 100 and the highest scores range from 1 to 100. higher correspond to a greater…

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