GOOGLE Earth has been used as a tool to view real-time three-dimensional locations around the world but has also garnered a history of shocking results in rare instances.

One Reddit user claims to have found a “UFO” floating over Antarctica while he was using the search engine.

The user Leesoy shared a photo of a rocky-looking “unidentified” object apparently located at 74.0322S, 22.4506W along the southernmost edge of the continent.

He posted the photo with the caption: “UFO or Rock? Antarctica Google Earth.”

The photo features a white object on a brown background in an uninhabited area.

This isn’t the first time a strange occurrence happened on Google Earth. There have been multiple sightings of alleged unidentified objects or unexplainable sightings.

Back in December, a user had found a heart-shaped disk buried in ice sheets in Antarctica.

A self-proclaimed UFO specialist, Scott C. Waring, shared the images on social media, claiming that he had “discovered” what he called a “UFO…

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