We’re less than a month into the year, and one clear trend is emerging for Google: the search giant is in for a lot of legal and legislative challenges in 2022.

The latest: Karl Racine, Washington, D.C., attorney general, is suing Google today for the “deceptive and unfair practices” the company uses to obtain consumer location data.

The lawsuit is also expected to be filed in three other states (Texas, Washington, and Indiana), according to The Washington Post.

Like the surveillance advertising legislation from last week, this seems to be another move meant to rein in Google.

Why we care. Location data is incredibly important for Google – and it helps provide valuable context in two ways that impact marketers: organic local search results and Google Ads targeting. If someone is searching for a business, and that business is located within the proximity of that searcher, appearing in the local search results is essential for turning searches into real world action (e.g., store…

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