The Opera 83 update is being rolled out to users in the stable channel. This version introduces a new feature called, automatic video pop-out, aka picture-in-picture mode.


Automatic video pop-out in Opera browser

In June 2021, Opera rolled out the R5 update, which brought a feature called video conferencing pop out. It switches the video from normal view, to a compact picture-in-picture mode for some services like Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, etc. The new automatic video pop-out in Opera 83 is similar to the conferencing feature, except that the former automatically toggles PiP mode for any video that is currently being played.

Let’s say you’re watching a video on YouTube, but switch to a different tab, the video will be displayed on top of the new tab in a mini-panel. The PiP window has some playback controls to pause/play, control the volume, close the panel. It is a floating window that you can resize, or move around the screen per your requirements.

Switching to the tab…

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