Analysing their competitor’s traffic can provide an online casino operator with some useful insights about who their users are, where they’re from, how they behave, what games they prefer, and more. Slotegrator takes you step by step through traffic analysis.

Your brand identity and casino frontend need to send a clear signal of who you are and what your players can expect.

But without knowing more about your potential audience, you might be sending the wrong message to the wrong crowd.

One way to get a clearer picture of what your audience wants and how you can give it to them is to carry out a careful analysis of the traffic on a competing site. Doing so in the early stages of an online casino project can yield important information for the direction of your business.

Analysing your competitor’s traffic will tell you more than just the number of users visiting a site on any given day. You can also find out the age, gender, and geographic location of visitors — even what device…

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