Learn how brands can benefit and stay relatable to users through adapting to the current culture codes identified by Facebook parent company Meta.

Meta recently shared an analysis of how professionally produced content performs compared to “everyday life” content.

The data suggests that lo-fi content is a major contributor to ad recall and content views for brands.

Why are we seeing this culture change now?

Meta suggests that it can be due to the availability of smartphones, giving us a potentially limitless audience.

Another theory is the need for brands to share content more rapidly and frequently. Our attention spans are limited, after all!

Additionally, the social media culture today has shifted dramatically. More and more users are celebrating “real-life” moments and stories. They don’t want to see perfection and polish from brands.

In fact, a study from YPulse found that 79% of users are “tired of seeing perfect images in advertising.”

Let’s dive into the six culture codes…

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