A Durango man discovered two marmots inside the engine compartment of his truck after returning from a Thursday morning hike.

LA PLATA COUNTY, Colo. — A Durango man made an interesting discovery under the hood of his 2007 Toyota Tacoma on Thursday evening: two stowaway marmots.

Cole Wilson was hiking in the La Plata Canyon area on Thursday morning. Seven hours later, after his hike, he began his journey home and noticed the check engine light had come on.

Wilson drove to his friend’s house with whom he had dinner plans in town. The drive from the trailhead to his friend’s house was about 40 minutes long.

While there, Wilson checked under the hood of his truck to discover the two rodent runaways.

“I was texting with a friend, and she asked if I had adopted them,” Wilson said.

He replied that he had named the marmots Barry and Sheela.

“I think the two of them were a couple,” he said.

The two critters made themselves at home, even chewed on a wire near the brake fluid reservoir. The…

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