A New Jersey talent acquisition firm exposed the resumes and personal information of at least 30,000 prospective workers by leaving a database on the internet without a password.

The database belongs to Voto Consulting, a North Brunswick company that finds U.S. jobs largely for Indian IT professionals.

It’s not known for exactly how long the database was exposed, but it was first indexed by Shodan, a search engine for exposed devices and databases, on May 10. The database was discovered by Anand Prakash, a security researcher and founder of PingSafe AI, who provided details of the database to TechCrunch.

But because the database was exposed to the internet without a password, it was possible for anyone to search the database from a web browser.

The database contained names, email addresses, and candidates’ resumes — many of which contained detailed work histories, as well as other personal information, like home addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth. In many cases, resumes…

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