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Which mesh Wi-Fi system is better?

Wi-Fi is necessary for most households, but optimizing your connection can be challenging. With traditional routers, you have to find a central location to place them and hope it will reach throughout your home. Mesh Wi-Fi systems, though, carry your network throughout your house.

Google and Eero produce high-quality mesh Wi-Fi systems at reasonable prices. Deciding which is better depends on your specific needs.

Google mesh Wi-Fi

Google is known for the world’s most popular search engine, but it also makes numerous electronic devics. Its mesh Wi-Fi systems are among the most popular and have multiple add-ons to extend your range.

Google’s original systems were known as Google Wi-Fi, but it released updated models in 2019 called Google Nest. Still, rather than discontinuing its Wi-Fi systems, it lowered the price and continued to upgrade them.

Google mesh Wi-Fi pros

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