Enables Public To Track City Agency Performance Better Than Ever

NEW YORK, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HD MADE, a New York-based branding and technology agency, announced they partnered with the New York City Mayor’s Office of Operations to create the Dynamic Mayor’s Management Report (dmmr.nyc.gov). Mayor Eric Adams launched the new online platform in April.

Every year, Operations releases the Mayor’s Management Report, containing hundreds of pages of performance assessment data from each agency. They sought to make the information more accessible and easier for City agencies, elected officials, media, and the general public to understand.

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HD MADE was brought on to perform product strategy, workflow assessment, and technology implementation for the initiative. To satisfy Ops’ request, the DMMR needed to be able to handle thousands of KPIs from over fifty agencies, going back more than twenty years. It also needed to facilitate more nuanced analyses of agency…

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