The dynamics of dealership marketing are evolving faster than ever before. From the loss of third-party tracking “cookies” on the internet to the rise of digital-retail technologies to cybercrime, dealers face a growing array of challenges. To provide some clarity, Automotive News asked three industry insiders – John DeMarco from Experian Automotive, Rosie O’Meara from GroundTruth and Tara Rego from Spectrum Reach – for their takes on various aspects of automotive marketing in a post-pandemic world.

Q: How and why have dealers’ marketing strategies changed in the wake of the pandemic?

Rosie O’Meara: While most consumers are getting back to normal activities and shopping habits, auto marketers face some ongoing challenges as the consumer market continues to reset itself. After nearly two years of car-buying hibernation, marketing starts with understanding current buying intent. Like many other industries, auto marketers are experiencing a shift in how consumers research and buy…

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