Music supervisors are now using high-powered AI ammo to cut through the noise and hit the soundtrack bullseye—quickly. Enter hyprAUDIO, which is aiming to scale its AI-sync search technology to become the ‘Expedia of sync’.

Sync music licensing doesn’t come easy. Brands are willing to pay big bucks for the right song, but despite the hype of ‘sync licensing industry progress,’ finding that perfect track remains an imperfect, time-consuming process.

Music supervisors have their work cut out for them. High standards and specific requirements trigger high expectations of finding that ideal song — but prospective licensees fall headfirst into unexpected quicksand: a massive overload of content.

Libraries and catalogs with millions of tracks represent the tragedy of search for music supervisors.

Discovery of that ‘perfect song’ cannibalizes expensive resources, and narrow funnels aren’t doing producers any favors. With that in mind, hyprAUDIO threw AI at the problem.

Launched on May…

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