Alphabet is slammed with yet another antitrust complaint. In an already unfavorable macro environment, these claims stand to further diminish the attractiveness of the stock.

Technology behemoth Alphabet Inc.’s (GOOGL) business unit, Google, is facing yet another antitrust complaint, this time from rival Danish job-search engine, Jobindex.

The complaint was lodged with the European Union (EU) under unfair trade practices. According to the complaint, Google puts forth results of its own job search service, Google for Jobs, at the topmost section of the page on Google. After its European launch in 2018, Google for Jobs was slammed with complaints from 23 online job search rivals in 2019, alleging a loss of market share due to Google’s push to market its own search engine.

EU Antitrust Chief Margrethe Vestager has looked into the matter before and has been on the sidelines on the issue. However, the latest complaint could push Vestager to look deeper into the matter, Reuters noted.

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