Since its inception in 2020 Caricarz has been the forefront of innovation when it comes to providing Malaysians, a seamless vehicle buying experience. This becomes more evident as Caricarz has proven itself as the fastest growing Vehicle Re-commerce (Used Cars) listing website in Malaysia. It has also expended itself into offering up to date industry news in all thing pertaining to automotive.

To further strengthen this year-on-year growth and offer a much better vehicle ownership journey to its users, Caricarz is introducing its proprietary one-of-a-kind AI based Mobile Application available on both Android and IOS platforms. The key goal is to provide Caricarz users a highly intelligent, reliable and trustworthy platform for what could be one of their most priced purchases.

The Caricarz App will feature a list of cool AI based features such as Intuitive Search Engine to help users perform better searches, view and keep track of the vehicles they shortlisted. The New Car feature…

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