Google Discover provides so much valuable information in a timely manner to users that its value can’t be understated in the modern DNA of Google as a whole. Taking all of the world’s information and organizing it to make it as universally accessible and useful as possible is no easy feat, and these automation tools really do help with that mission the company set into place so many years ago.

From finding what movie or TV show to watch, to checking the weather, news, and stocks, among many other things, Discover (R.I.P. Google Now) is just great all around. A while back, Google began testing Discover-style widgets on the homepage of the Search engine, but they disappeared shortly thereafter. Now, it seems they’re back for some users!

I snapped this photo a few weeks ago using my phone as I pointed it at my Windows 11 machine running Chrome Stable, so please excuse the quality (or lack thereof!). As you can see, “Meet the new” shows “Make this space yours” with options…

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