Cryptocurrency tracing has become a key tool for police investigating everything from fraud and ransomware to child abuse. But its accuracy may soon be put to the test.

This week, we reported on new court filings from the legal team representing Roman Sterlingov, who’s been in jail for 15 months, accused of laundering $336 million in cryptocurrency as the alleged owner and operator of dark-web crypto mixer Bitcoin Fog. Sterlingov not only maintains he is innocent, but his defense attorney claims that the blockchain analysis that served as evidence that Sterlingov set up Bitcoin Fog is flawed.

Elsewhere, we highlighted Microsoft’s newly bolstered Morse bug-hunting team, which aims to catch flaws in the company’s software before they cause problems for the company’s 1 billion users. We dove into the spectacular failure of a new post-quantum encryption algorithm. We listed all the big security updates you need to be on top of from July, and we detailed all the data that Amazon’s Ring…

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