The financial entity specializing in cybercrime (Ufeci) warned about a maneuver to steal HomeBanking users and passwords and seize Banco de Galicia customer accounts through fraudulent email messages.

Prosecutor Horacio Ezzolin, in charge of Ufassi, took complaints from users who had received emails from the bank asking them to enter a link to verify their credentials.

The link leads to an apparently legitimate environment where the theft of information entered by the victims is self-configured.

The warning stems from a series of complaints made to that tax entity by people who received a message in their email with the bank’s logo and colours.

The misleading message bases the request for customer credentials precisely, for security reasons, with different forms, but they all involve a permanent word communication from the bank – usually 24 hours, After which a warning is given that the account will be suspended. – Required to perform incorrect data validation.

For example, one of…

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