From the Financial Unit Specialized in Cybercrime (UFECI) he warned this Thursday about a maneuver to defraud Banco Galicia customers via a false email.

this mode Phishing (fraudulent seizure of personal data) intends to control the home banking accounts of the said financial institution.

In recent days, UFECI received a series of complaints from people who received a message in their email with the bank’s logo and colors asking them to enter the link given in the same email.

There they have to enter their username and password (the page is the same as the official one) and that is when the theft of personal data occurs.

The email message asks for the data accurately for security reasons and warns about the possible suspension of the account within 24 hours.

An example: “We are carrying out a data verification process at Banco Galicia that allows us to provide you with security in your transactions. We inform you that you have 24 hours to access your online banking via the…

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