Google told us something this week that Lake Havasu City residents have known for years: Pickleball is getting really popular.

Pickleball is a tennis-like sport, played on a smaller court and using a wiffleball and smaller paddles. It got its start in the 1960s in Washington, but its popularity has been growing rapidly over the years. In fact, it was named the fastest growing sport in the United States in 2021 and 2022 by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association.

The search engine company started making its search trends data available to the public in 2015, and it’s a tool used frequently by journalists and researches to better understand public interest in a particular topic.

The most recent edition of the Google Trends newsletter says searches for “pickleball tips for beginners” and “pickleball terms” were up 500 percent over the past month, while searches for the phrase “pickleball court size in feet” were up 4,650 percent.

And in a clear sign of its popularity, searches for…

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