Search Engine Giant Google Sharing Personal User Data At A Massive Scale

Irish Council of Civil Liberties founded in the year 1976 and known for protecting human rights has estimated that user data which includes the location and browsing habits of European and American citizens are shared 178 trillion times each year, in its report. Reports also bring out that the search engine giant Google shares a similar set of data 70 billion times every day. Reportedly more than half of Google’s revenue for the March quarter this year, came through advertisements.

Modus Operandi

Reports, bring out that big machinery is working behind the curtain to sell such data of users. Reports suggest that the phone habit of a user is recorded each time a user opens the screen of his phone. The data collected this way gets larger each day, as the user hops through apps. This data is then shared with numerous companies and is awarded to the advertiser with the highest bidding price. Recording sensitive…

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