Looking for bootleg software? Be careful; it might lead you to download malware.

Antivirus provider Kaspersky has discovered one such malware strain trying to infect tens of thousands of Windows PCs through websites that pretend to offer cracks and key generators for legitimate software programs.

The malware is known as NullMixer, and it’s so far attacked over 47,500 users, Kaspersky said in a report released on Monday. It can download over 20 Trojans and malicious programs once it installs, including spyware, login and credit card stealers, backdoors, along with other programs capable of retrieving even more malware.

A victim can be tricked into accidentally installing NullMixer if they search for software cracks on search engines such as Google. These software cracks are often designed to let you run legitimate software on a PC, but without buying a license key.

The hackers behind NullMixer have been exploiting these software cracking sites to reroute users to download a ZIP file…

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