The new search features can make your trip more sustainable, efficient, and fun.

Dmitrii Vaccinium/Unsplash

The internet has completely changed travel. And it’s not just how we book it, but how we experience it as well. Between searching for the best restaurants to visit and what is a must-see in your area, search engines have become an essential part of the travel experience. Google has released many new features for users on the go, with everything from more ways to find food locally to helping you make the most sustainable and efficient choices on your trip.

With the new features, you’ll become even more of a travel specialist than you already are. Google has a new multi-search feature for finding food locally that will allow you to search using images and text simultaneously. You’ll be able to search for an item of food through a photo of it and then be able to find a restaurant near you that offers that very dish. For example, you are in Paris and have a ton of images saved to…

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