Aiven Ltd., a startup that provides managed cloud versions of open-source data management tools, has acquired fellow startup Kafkawize Technology Solutions.

Aiven announced the deal today. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The acquisition comes a few months after Aiven raised $210 million in funding from a consortium that included BlackRock, Salesforce Ventures and other major investors. The Series D funding round valued the Finland-based startup at more than $3 billion.

Aiven provides managed implementations of popular open-source databases such as MySQL, InfluxDB and Redis. It also offers managed versions of other data management tools. The tools that Aiven has incorporated into its product portfolio include, among other technologies, the Opensearch data search engine and Grafana, an open-source platform that companies use to analyze error logs from their technology infrastructure.

Open-source data management platforms can be difficult to deploy on a large scale. Moreover,…

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