Google is alerting Gmail users on five major frauds and spams that users get to witness during the holiday season. The technology giant has alerted users to avoid gift card and giveaways scams, charity-related frauds, demographic targeting attacks, subscription renewals scams and crypto related frauds.

The search engine said in a blogpost that it protects users from around 15 billion unwanted messages a day and blocks more than 99.9 percent of spam, phishing and malware.

Google informs that gift card and giveaway frauds are common during the peak holiday season. Frauds try to fool victims by enticing them into buying a gift card, by pretending to be a recognised known contact or they tend to offer a free present in exchange for their credit card number.

Additionally, a giveaway which offers more than what people usually expect, can be a scam. Google also warned against phishing scams and charity related frauds. These are harmful to both the victims of the scams and charities which…

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