Pokémon consistently ranks as one of the world’s most popular trading card games. However, much of the fun happens not during tournaments but when trying to track down and collect the rarest Pokémon cards. Pokémon has become as much a collector’s hobby as a game, and the hardest-to-find cards can sell for thousands of dollars. The standard process of finding a Pokémon card value consists of identification and pricing research.

How To Identify The Rarest Pokémon Cards

The first step to determining if you have a Pokémon card that may be worth serious money is to look at the symbol in the bottom right corner. A circle indicates that the card is common. A diamond tells you that a card is uncommon. Finally, a star or letter “R” means the card is rare and has the most potential to have significant value. Some of the rarest Pokémon cards have limited print runs or special variations in their design. Pokémon cards worth investigating can have a holographic finish while reverse holo cards…

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