Google is testing a new search tool on the Photos app. According to Android Police, some Android users have already seen the Lens button disappear from the app. The Lens option shows up at the bottom of the screen when you’re looking at a picture. Lens is a search engine that conducts searches based on images instead of words. It also will help translate words that you’ve photographed from a sign.

Replacing the Lens tab on some users’ Photos app is a new search icon. When you tap it, while looking at the image of a person’s face, the app goes through your past photos looking for that same face in other snapshots that you’ve taken. But if you tap on an object you see in the same photo, Google Lens will go to work to discover what it is and should provide you with more information about it.

The search icon is showing up on only a limited number of Android devices, so if you still have the Lens tab on your Photos app, don’t fret. Google will run its test to see what Android users…

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