Medalist Susanna Lin signaled to officials to cut off the wrong anthem.

Organizers of a Dubai weightlifting competition played a banned Hong Kong protest song instead of China’s national anthem during a medal ceremony, as the city’s organized crime squad investigates a similar incident at a sporting event in South Korea.

“Glory to Hong Kong,” the anthem of the 2019 democracy movement that ranged from mass, peaceful demonstrations for full democracy to intermittent, pitched battles between “front-line” protesters and armed riot police, was banned in 2020 as Beijing imposed a draconian national security law on the city.

The anthem, which calls for freedom and democracy rather than independence, was nonetheless deemed in breach of the law due to its “separatist” intent, officials and police officers said at the start of an ongoing citywide crackdown on public dissent and peaceful political activism.

Footage from a medal ceremony at the Asian Classic Powerlifting Championship 2022 in…

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