Microsoft wants to ramp up its mobile efforts with a new “super app” for iPhone that would combine a number of different features into a single app. According to The Information, Microsoft’s hope is that such an app would help it break further into mobile search, which is currently dominated by Apple and Google.

This so-called “super app” would combine things like shopping, messaging, web search, newsfeeds, and more into a single app for iPhone and Android. This would “emulate a mobile strategy that has worked for Tencent,” the report explains, referring to the incredibly popular WeChat app. WeChat similarly combines things like messaging, shopping, news, and games into a single app.

Microsoft recently considered building a “super app” that could combine shopping, messaging, web search, news feeds and other services in a one-stop smartphone app, in what would be an ambitious move by the software giant to expand further into consumer services, according to people with direct…

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