The rise of ChatGPT could potentially overshadow Google and other search engines. By having an answer for everything, this AI chatbot is a perfect complement to traditional search engines. As such, some people have already developed solutions allowing this type of tool to be added to your favorite search platform.

ChatGPT is a revolutionary chatbot, capable of answering any question, whether it’s about current affairs, culture or even philosophy, of commenting on a text or even creating one on any subject. This revolutionary tool is available to everyone, free of charge, on the website of its developer, OpenAI, where you can ask it all sorts of questions.

In fact, it competes directly with search engines. Google, the ultimate reference in the field, does not intend to stand by and do nothing, and has already announced that it is working on a host of practical tools using artificial intelligence to counter ChatGPT.

Irrespective, it is now possible to use ChatGPT on Google Search,…

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