Jeremy Joslin spent two decades as a software engineer for Google only to be laid off last week along with thousands of his co-workers. The way the company notified him was “cold,” Joslin said.

Google on Friday became the latest technology firm to announce layoffs, releasing roughly 12,000 workers last week. The cuts represent just over 6% of parent-company Alphabet’s workforce, which numbered 186,000 as of September, according to a securities filing.

The Silicon Valley giant added thousands of workers during the coronavirus pandemic and is now moving to cut costs ahead of a possible economic recession this year. Still, ex-employees said there was something emotionless about the way they were told they were being let go.

Joslin and other ex-employees at Google said they received notice of their dismissal via an email sent to their personal address, which struck them as insensitive. Receiving no advance warning of what would be their last day at the company added further insult to…

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