Consumers less trusting of Staged User-Generated Content and Influencers

SAN ANTONIO, Jan. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The newly released 2023 State of Social & User-Generated Content (SOSUGC) report found consumers trust authentic, unpaid reviews from real customers more than any other type of content. The level of trust varies depending on the type of content.

According to consumers polled in the report, the most trustworthy content is Authentic User-Generated Content (UGC), followed in order by Creators, Brand Content, Influencers, and Staged UGC.

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“Authentic UGC is considered the most trustworthy because it is created by people who have firsthand experience and it is not directly affiliated with the brand,” said Matt Greener, CMO at TINT. “Staged UGC is less trustworthy as it is planned, rehearsed, or commissioned by the…

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