Italian authorities announced that they will increase the work permit quotas for foreign unskilled workers as well as startup visa applicants from third country to 82.705 spots by 2023.

According to the government, this move will allow about 7,000 more third country nationals to apply to work permits this year than 2022. reported that Italy is trying to address the problem of labour shortages by increasing its work permit quota.

The government clarified that work permits are available to applicants in certain markets, but stressed that they do not apply to highly skilled foreigners.

Fragomen explained that 44,000 spots are reserved for seasonal work out of the total work permit quota. 31205 spots are also reserved for certain nationalities working in specific fields, such as construction, tourism, and telecommunications.

Additional to the above, another 7,000 spots will be reserved for foreigners who have a residence permit in Italy and other EU countries and…

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