AdWords announces Enhanced Campaigns, plus: more Google Shopping ads, Toolbar PageRank, GSC updates, AMP change and more.

Google AdWords announces Enhanced Campaigns

In 2013, Google AdWords announced Enhanced Campaigns. This major update was designed to simplify campaign management across multiple devices and increase adoption rates of mobile advertising among small and medium-sized businesses.

Among the notable changes:

  • Tablets and desktops would be grouped together, rather than treated as separate devices.
  • Advertisers would set a baseline bid that applied to both desktop and tablet, and then set the mobile bid as a multiplier of the desktop/tablet bid.
  • Targeting at the operating system level would no longer be available.

Google planned to upgrade all campaigns in June 2013 (though the full rollout would actually begin July 22 and would take several weeks to complete).

Read all about it in The Big AdWords Update: Enhanced Campaigns Puts The Focus On Mobile.

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