Image SEO is an intriguing niche because of the immediate impression images make when viewed.

Read on and I will share a comprehensive overview of my image SEO “secret manual.”

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The impact of images

Images are important because they communicate a wealth of information quickly, just with the initial view.

Logos are one example. Effective logos convey a unique identifier specific to one company.

They can include a mix of words, letters, and graphic iconography that references the company’s products, services, industry category, or even corporate ethos.

Other examples of highly communicative images include:

  • Splash banners that are the center point of some websites’ homepages.
  • Product images in e-catalogs.
  • Avatars that represent one in social media.
  • Portrait photos.
  • Graphs of statistics.
  • Diagrams.
  • Maps.
  • And the once-trendy infographic.

Image search has long been one of the top-used search vertical types. Consumers commonly search for images when they:

  • Are shopping for…

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