Gainesville police will soon be able to solve shootings within a matter of hours, thanks to new technology.

“This is a tool that, if we can use to get somebody who is committing a crime today off the streets, we might have saved somebody’s life,” said David Chudzik, public information officer at the Gainesville Police Department. “That makes all the difference in the world to us.”

The $144,853 purchase of the Brasstrax Acquisition Station was approved unanimously by the City Commission. The purchase of the equipment is part of the city’s One Community Initiative, which includes support for community-oriented policing, community education efforts and the hiring of a public safety coordinator. As of now, the police department can’t confirm when the technology will be implemented, Chudzik said.

The technology works with a “search engine that investigators can use to match spent shell casings collected at local crime scenes with finely detailed images of casings from other…

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