By Zoe Kleinman

Technology editor

It has been two months since the public launch of AI chatbot ChatGPT by the firm OpenAI – and it did not take long for people to start noticing what a game-changer this really is.

Whether you have asked it to write you a song in the style of your favourite musician, sneaked in a homework question (500 words on the end of World War Two? no problem), tasked it to write copy for your company website, write a speech or even churn out specific program code, ChatGPT has proved that it can deliver – and in a convincing way.

There has been acres of reporting about its potential threat to a wide range of jobs, and indeed to our entire model of education if students can get their coursework done and university applications written instantly via ChatGPT or its rivals.

That said – this tech is still, comparatively, in its infancy. It is text only, restricted to content from the internet as it was in 2021, and does not update. It presents its answers as fact,…

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