The past weeks have been eventful for Microsoft, from its AI efforts to its continuous battle for its proposed Activision megadeal. It also recently released different Windows 11 features, giving Insiders new things to try within the OS, including new widgets for Messenger and Spotify. Here is a quick summary of these stories alongside other recent news.

EU’s Statement of Objections and Activision merger updates

A recent report from Politico revealed that the European Union finally issued its warning to Microsoft over the Activision deal. It was first reported last year. And now that the list has been handed to the company, it should finally get better insights into the specific remedy points it would offer to appease the watchdog. While this seems that the EU is open to concessions, the future of the merger is still a blur, with the FTC and Sony still trying their best to block the deal. In January, sources of Bloomberg revealed that the US antitrust agency and the EU had a call,…

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