Microsoft is reportedly moving to integrate OpenAI’s viral sensation ChatGPT into its very own search engine, Bing.

A student and designer, Owen Yin, took to Twitter on February 4 to reveal screenshots of the new Bing search engine that he says just appeared when he loaded up his Microsoft Edge browser that is set to Bing. Yin says he “didn’t do anything to find it,” and only after a couple of minutes of him using it stopped working.

The designer explained his experience with the updated Bing in a Medium blog post where he noted that the typical Bing search engine was replaced by a chat box that read “ask it anything!” and allowed the user to enter 1,000 characters or less.

Yin was also able to have a full conversation with the chatbot, showing screenshots of prompts where he asked it about popular movies from 2022, and what movies it was most excited to see. Notably, Yin writes the AI even replied to its own question and asked a follow-up question all on its own.

Yin writes in…

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