Archimedes finances is about to launch its new, one-of-a-kind overcollateralized lending and lending marketplace on the Ethereum mainnet, shortly after announcing its Hack VC-led seed capital raise of $4.9 million. Archimedes will launch its Liquidity Pool on February 14th and its Leverage Engine on February 20th on Curve.

The Archimedes Protocol attracts capital by consistently offering higher APY than comparable projects. Archimedes leverages innovative mechanisms such as dynamic token issuance rate, real-world rate of return and represents up to 10x leveraged position on high-yield tokens with a tradable NFT featuring one of the most favorable risk-reward strategies in DeFi: stablecoins.

Lenders: Sustainable top-of-market returns

For Lenders (Liquidity Providers or LPs), the Archimedes Platform is designed to provide sustainable, top-tier APY. To achieve this, Archimedes overcomes the problem of unsustainable tokenomics and rewards as more liquidity enters a pool.

through his Dynamic Emission Rate Archimedes has created a tokenomic structure that ensures its utility token, ARCH, does not suffer from the same over-inflation problem faced by many other DeFi platforms. In addition, its approach of paying lenders with fees generated by borrowers (Real Yield) in combination with Dynamic Emission aims to ensure sustainable market-leading rewards.

Archimedes accepts funds from LPs in the form of USDC, USDT or DAI deposited in its 3CRV/lvUSD liquidity pool on Curve, the decentralized exchange and AMM with the most stable coin liquidity on Ethereum. Like ARCH, lvUSD is another Archimedes-minted digital token and is the “oil” of the Archimedes Leverage Engine.

Borrowers: Up to 10x leverage on stablecoins with no liquidation mechanism

For borrowers (leverage takers or LTs), the Archimedes platform offers the most advantageous risk-reward trade-off through its up to 10x leverage strategy for revenue-generating stablecoins, while opting to support users in the…