Google said it will volunteer some of its top executives to testify at a parliamentary committee that is studying the actions of the Silicon Valley giant after it ran a five-week test that blocked news links to some of its Canadian users.

The test was meant to assess the effects of a potential response to Bill C-18, the Liberal government’s Online News Act.

The test ended Thursday.

Google said they have notified the heritage committee that it will voluntarily make their president of global affairs and chief legal officer, Kent Walker, and vice-president of news, Richard Gingras, available to meet with the committee. A date has yet to be scheduled.

“We always aim to work constructively with Canadian parliamentarians and the Government of Canada on regulatory issues,” a spokesperson for Google said in a statement.

Walker and Gingras didn’t respond to a summons by the committee earlier this month.

The head of Google Canada, Sabrina Geremia, appeared in their place, but Google said it…

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