TikTok influencer Crypto Vic shares what you should know about CBDCs.

CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currencies. It’s being talked about everywhere. However, what do they mean?

in this video, TikTok influencer Crypto Vic shares why and how CBDC can be a scary thing.

According to Vic, 91 countries around the world are currently developing CBDCs, nine of which have already started.

He goes on to explain that a CBDC is the ultimate weapon of government control, especially when partnered with a social credit system. It involves programming your money and controlling your spending based on your behavior.

CBDC is programmable money centralized by the government. It will affect your personal life. If you are sick you cannot buy cigarettes or alcohol. Your taxes pay themselves through the system. If you are a suspect. They will block your transactions if you are a suspect.

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Source: https://www.tiktok.com/@vic.laranja/video/7076890517463698694

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