It is impossible for anyone to have missed the excitement generated by ChatGPT. Countless articles on the subject have been written, including many by ChatGPT.

While underlying technologies, such as deep learning, are not new, ChatGPT’s rich conversational interface has captured the popular imagination around artificial intelligence in the same way Netscape made the World Wide Web real for millions worldwide when the browser first appeared in the 1990s.

ChatGPT is built on something called a Large Language Model.
LLMs are artificial models trained on huge corpuses of text using something called “unsupervised learning,” where they are not explicitly taught but fed these models’ text to learn the relationships between words and the underlying concepts, essentially developing a statistical model of what words are likely to follow other words given a particular prompt or starting point. In some sense, they seem like “autocomplete on steroids.”
Therefore, they are remarkably effective…

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