Want to increase your bookings and differentiate your short-term rental home? Then your search is over! Welcome to the world of short term rental marketing, where success intersects with adventure and creativity and strategy.

In this blog post, we’ll look at a variety of techniques, plans and motivational cases to help you make your property a popular tourist attraction. So get ready for a journey into the world of short-term rental marketing, where endless opportunities for growth and exposure await you!

Why do you need a vacation rental marketing plan?

A vacation rental marketing plan is a comprehensive strategy that outlines how you will promote your short-term rental property to potential guests. Here’s why it’s essential to have such a plan, explained in three parts:


Increased visibility

With the growing competition in the short-term rental market, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd. A solid marketing plan can help you identify your unique selling points and showcase your property to the right audience, increasing visibility and boosting business performance.

Targeted advertising

A marketing plan can help you determine your target market and then adjust your advertising strategies as needed. Conversion rates will increase as a result of contacting potential guests who are more likely to be interested in your hotel.

Brand building

You can establish and strengthen your brand identity in the vacation rental market with a well-developed short-term rental marketing strategy. With consistent branding across all marketing channels, including your website, social media and listings, you can easily create a memorable impression and build trust among your potential guests.

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How do I market my short-term rental property to get more bookings?

Now that you understand the importance of a vacation rental marketing plan, let’s dig into some effective strategies and tips to market your property and attract more bookings:

1. Optimize your presentation

Start by optimizing your listing on vacation rental platforms. Use compelling descriptions, high-quality photos, and detailed amenities to showcase your property’s unique features. Highlight nearby attractions and highlight what makes your rental stand out from the competition.

For example, the screenshot below shows a good example of well-thought-out and optimized short-term rental listings on Airbnb:

First, the photos used to showcase the rental are high resolution and taken from different angles to make imagining the place easy.

short term rental listing optimization

A thorough description of the rental property can be found in the section of the website that follows. For those who want a quick overview, there is a short list of small icons that highlight the many elements of the site. The website also includes carefully photographed images of the rooms found in this remarkable house.

2. Make use of social media

Social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, can be powerful tools for marketing short-term rentals. You can create engaging content, share beautiful footage of your property and its surroundings, and use relevant hashtags to reach a larger audience.

Below you can see a great example of using social media to promote a short term rental property:


Sisters Away offers a wonderful insight into the delicious meals they serve, the fun activities to do while there, and the seductive atmosphere of their establishment. Even just reading about it can make you want to immediately plan a flight to experience it for yourself!

Why don’t you start interacting with potential guests to have a killer social media strategy for short term rental marketing?

3. Implement a referral program

Encouraging your existing guests to refer your property to their friends and family by offering incentives such as discounts on future stays or referral bonuses can be a logical step to take, as can Discussion do.

Remember, word of mouth marketing is highly effective and can lead to a steady stream of bookings!

4. Connect with online travel communities

By joining online travel communities and forums where travelers discuss their experiences and seek recommendations, you can promote your properties for free! All you have to do is be an active participant, share the latest photos and information and tirelessly reply to every comment and review. Therefore, you can build credibility and attract potential guests.

Here, for example, we see a short-term rental property that has received hundreds of glowing reviews and has been crowned a top choice for travelers on Tripadvisor. Wow, with such high praise, it’s safe to say they must be welcoming a ton of visitors through this page!

5. Work with tourism marketing agencies

Partnership with tourism marketing agencies can give your short term rental an extra boost. These agencies have expertise in reaching potential guests and are more than ready to help you expand your reach through targeted advertising and promotional campaigns.

6. Create a responsive and user-friendly website

In addition to listing your property on vacation rental platforms, a dedicated website can enhance your online presence. So make sure your website is mobile friendly, easy to navigate and showcases the unique aspects of your property. Also include a booking system on your website and offer your visitors a quick booking opportunity.

short term rental website design

7. Offer special packages or experiences

Standing out from the competition is your current main focus, and creating special packages and unique experiences for your guests can be your key to success. Therefore, you can attract their attention more and make your place memorable even after the shortest visit. Such packages and experiences may include partnerships with local businesses to offer discounts on activities, providing personalized itineraries to your visitors, or organizing exclusive events. For example, if you list your property on Airbnb, you might also consider listing an experience in the same location! And you can offer a discount or maybe a free ticket for it if your visitors stay longer than a week, a month, etc.

short term rental airbnb experiences

Many travelers look for accommodation in specific places or neighbourhoods. Therefore, you should ensure that your property is optimized for local searches by including location-based keywords in your listings and website content. By making use of local SEOcan increase the chances of your property appearing in search results when potential guests search for rentals in your area.

9. Collect and display guest reviews

Positive reviews and testimonials play an important role in attracting new guests, perhaps the most important role, as very careful people filter places when trying to choose the one with the best price/performance ratio, and 89% of them read reviews before you make a decision! So don’t forget to encourage your guests to leave reviews after their stay. To do this, you can explain that their reviews really matter to you and your business and offer a special discount for their next stay.

short term rental reviews

And of course, make sure you provide everything you offer on your website or listing to eliminate bad reviews, make your visitors happy, and get the best reviews!


By putting these tactics and recommendations into practice, you can take your resort to new heights and attract a steady stream of visitors. Be creative, take good care of your visitors and demonstrate that you have a presence on every online platform! This way, your vacation property will quickly become a sought-after location.

Get started on your marketing plan today and watch your short-term rental property thrive!

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