CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The Wyoming Department of Health, or WDH, says extra costs and frustrating delays can be avoided by only ordering official Wyoming birth, death and other certificates directly from the department.

“We frequently receive complaints from people who have used companies that misrepresent themselves as a way to easily get birth certificates and other official documents,” said Guy Beaudoin, deputy state registrar with WDH Vital Statistics Services. “However, our office is the only source for these in Wyoming.”

Beaudoin said his office has been receiving many orders recently from a company that charges high fees to its customers and then forwards third-party checks, which Vital Statistics Services can’t accept, according to a press release.

“By the time we’re communicating with these folks to help them get what they need, they are frustrated and often angry,” he said.

Beaudoin outlined a typical scenario. “Someone born in Wyoming needs their birth certificate to get a…

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