Coming up with the perfect color combination for your Procreate designs can be a challenge at times. But with these Procreate color palettes, you’ll never have to look for color inspiration, ever again!

Procreate color palettes are essential for manifesting your artistic vision and transforming a simple sketch into a memorable masterpiece. Perfect for both seasoned artists and new designers, these color swatches and palettes offer a range of shades and hues curated to uplift your Procreate drawings and design projects.

Whether you’re searching for vibrant and bold, cool and tranquil, or earthly and natural colors – we have you covered. Best of all, we’ve included both premium and free options to cater to all budget types. Have a look.

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Explore Procreate Add-Ons

Procreate Color Palette Collection

This is a large collection of over 230 pre-made color palettes made just for use in Procreate. Ranging from vibrant pinks and oranges in the “Neon Night” palette, calming blues and greens of “Oceanic Odyssey” palette to subdued pastels in “Sweet Dreams”, this collection aims to bring a fresh, professional edge to your artwork. It’s a must-have pack for all types of Procreate users.

Palette Burn Orange for Procreate

This is a premium Procreate color palette, boasting 30 exquisite orange shades. The package includes a .swatches file for easy integration with Procreate. Once downloaded and launched in Procreate, this brilliant palette will be readily available at your fingertips, serving up endless creative opportunities.

3D Brushes & Retro Procreate Color Palette

A unique bundle offering a retro-themed color palette and versatile 3D brushes for Procreate. Included are three line brushes, two 3D-shaped circle stamps, and a color swatch, perfect for enhancing your digital art, greeting cards, posters, and social media content.

Synthwave - Groovy Procreate Palette

Synthwave is a color palette specifically designed to amp up your retro-themed artworks in Procreate. Equipped with three sets of 90 vivid synthwave-themed colors, this palette evokes the neon-lit aesthetic of the 80s. It’s perfect for retro posters and flyer designs too.

Valentine's Romantic Procreate Color Palette

This color palette is perfect for artists and designers working on Valentine’s Day-themed creations. Included is a balanced palette of 30 colors, curated specifically for Procreate. Simply download, click the .swatches file, and watch as your Procreate bursts into a myriad of romantic hues.

Procreate Color Swatches & Palettes

This is a must-have for artists looking to craft stunning illustrations in Proocreate. It offers top-tier color harmonies and combinations, curated from leading color trends. There are multiple color palettes in this pack too suit all sorts of designs and artworks.

Christmas Mood Color Palettes & Swatches

This is a delightful assortment of seven digital color palettes designed for Procreate. These palettes engage various tones reflective of the holiday season. Embrace the warmth of ‘Cozy Christmas’, the magic of ‘New Year Evening’, or the classic shades of ‘Traditional Christmas’, all included in this perfect bundle.

Grass Color Palette for Procreate

Grass color palette for Procreate offers a spectrum of 30 grass-themed hues perfect for your digital art creations. It features a .swatches file for easy integration with Procreate. Whether you’re crafting a leafy landscape or a mystical meadow, this palette enriches your toolbox with the diverse shades of nature’s verdure.

Autumn Procreate Color Palette

The Autumn Procreate color palette is a beautifully harmonious set designed for autumn and fall-themed artworks. Easy to download, it provides three sets of 90 fittingly themed colors, ensuring a perfect hue for any project. It’s especially great for illustrations and art related to seasonal themes.

Light Pastels Procreate Color Palette

A unique set of handpicked pastel colors for Procreate, tailored for creating beautiful artwork and designs. The package offers three sets of 90 colors. This user-friendly palette comes in a .swatches file, which auto-imports into the Procreate app upon clicking.

Blooming Spring - Procreate Brushes & Color Swatches

Blooming Spring is a Procreate brush pack and color palette themed on spring blooms. The pack includes four stamp brushes and one color palette, perfect for creating digital illustrations of spring blooming flowers such as hyacinths, lillacs, as well as blooming trees like sakura, apple, and peach trees. The pack comes with a brushet file and a swatches file for easy use on iPads.

Groovy Flowers Pattern Brushes & Color Palette

This is a creative asset featuring a set of 5 seamless retro-inspired flower pattern brushes and a color swatch for Procreate. Ideal for digital art, greeting cards, wall art, posters, and enhancing social media content, this bundle is compatible only with iPad Procreate.

Honeycomb Pattern Brushes & Color Pallete

Another creative bundle for Procreate featuring a unique vibe. It offers two seamless honeycomb texture background brushes and a color palette featuring shades of yellow, orange, and brown. Ideal for digital art, greeting cards, wall art, posters, or social media decoration.

Foliage Stamp Brushes & Color Pallete

This bundle offers an array of foliage-themed brushes and color palettes for Procreate. It includes meticulously crafted leaf patterns of maple, rowan, birch, elm, ash, and much more. A bonus includes 11 PNG files of leaf shadows. It comes with 24 brush files and 2 color swatch files.

Halloween Pattern Brushes & Color Pallete

A collection of Halloween-themed brushes and color palettes ideal for Procreate users. It includes six unique seamless background brushes showcasing pumpkins, cats, ghosts, maple leaves, and festive quotes, as well as an orange and grey color swatch. Perfect for elevating your digital art, creating greeting cards, wall decor, posters, and social media visuals.

Hearts Stamps Procreate Brushes & Color Pallete

Hearts Stamps is an enchanting creative asset that features 11 romantically designed heart stamp brushes and a matching color swatch. It’s perfect for setting the mood for any love-inspired piece, especially for greeting cards, Valentine’s Day cards, flyers, and more.

Halloween Color Palette & Brushes

This set features a distinctive Halloween-inspired color palette and comes with 31 stamp brushes, including 25 adorable doodle stamps, a textured noise brush, and five decorative washi tape stamps. The package also includes two color swatches for additional Halloween colors.

Mermaid Scale Pattern Brush & Color Palette

This is a delightful bundle of resources for Procreate users. Designed with two seamless mermaid scale-textured brushes and a color swatch, it’s ideal for enhancing your digital drawings, greeting cards, wall art, posters, and social media posts.

Free Procreate Color Palettes

Skin Tones - Free Procreate Color Palette

This is a free Procreate color palette that features skin-tone-themed colors. It’s a very useful color swatch for artists and illustrators, especially for achieving realistic-looking skin tones for character designs.

Sunflower Fileds - Free Procreate Color Palette

Design beautiful sunflowers fields and nature scenes with this free Procreate color palette. It features a set of 30 different colors with a variety of tones to choose from.

Warm Fall - Free Procreate Color Palette

This free Procreate color swatch has a collection of beautiful colors created around autumn. It has many bright and vibrant colors with a fall theme.

Chase the Stars - Free Procreate Color Palette

The colors in this Procreate palette are chosen to help you design more beautiful blue skies and night skies. It has a handpicked color palette created by a professional artist.

Trick or Treat - Free Procreate Color Palette

With this free color palette, you can easily find the perfect colors for your spooky  Halloween and horror-themed designs. It has a set of 30 colors inspired by Halloween.


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