Meta’s Threads now has its own version of hashtags.

Meta calls this new feature “topic tags”, emphasizing its difference from hashtags by prioritizing community focus. Topic tags are now accessible to all users worldwide to enhance search functionality within the app.

Why we care. While ads are not currently available on Threads (though they are coming soon), marketers can still engage with users and enhance brand awareness by creating profiles and generating organic traffic. The use of topic tags simplifies the process for users to discover your posts and engage with your brand.

How topic tags work. Topic tags have some fundamental differences to hashtags, which are offered on its sister platform Instagram:

  • As topic tags are not hashtags, brands will not be required to add the “#” symbol when adding tags.
  • Topic tags support phrases with spaces.
  • Topic tags support special characters.
  • Only one tag is permitted per post.

Why topic tags? Threads is working to enhance the quality of…

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