is in the process of making a useful change to its on the desktop whereby users will get a choice of the search engine they want to use by default – but the catch is this is only happening in Europe.

Specifically, this change is incoming for the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA), as spotted, with the move currently in testing (the Canary version of Chrome, hidden behind a flag).

How it works is that when you first fire up Chrome, the browser pops up with a panel asking you to choose your default search engine from a list.

The entries on that list are picked as they are popular options in your region, and of course they’ll doubtless include Google search, but Google may not come top of the list – in fact, the ordering is random. (But the selection isn’t random, because as noted, they are all popular in your particular area).


We’re told that Google plans to roll this out in early 2024, so within the next couple of months we’d guess,…

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