Dallas, Texas (1VIZABILITY.com) — “Some websites are really uninteresting; they give the visitors no reason browse through, such website design not only need improvement but these websites also need to be made more search engine friendly. People need to understand that websites alone cannot bring business, you have to use SEO and SEM to attract qualified web traffic,” says the C.E.O of the 1VIZABILITY. Its true business, entrepreneurs and individuals are normally seen complaining of not getting business through their websites and about not being found on the search engine.

Dallas, Texas (1VIZABILITY.COM) — When it comes to search engine friendly websites, we normally think that anybody can make a website and put it on the search engines and it will be on the web in no time. If that’s the case, then why are keywords for search engines used? Sure, all websites occupy web space but not all are search engine friendly. You can make a website; your brother, sister, cousin, aunt or even…