Enhanced Search Engine marketing through Blogs – Blogs are similar to online diary entries which allow individuals to express themselves about a particular topic which include politics, food, current affairs, and sports. Through Blogs the searching for information becomes very accurate as there are thousands of Blog sites that offer users information on the keyword that they have searched for. In fact sites that are based upon a particular keyword need to post articles that can allow them flexibility in choosing the right keyword. This can be done by Blogs as they allow users to write upon that keyword creatively.

Moreover Blogs have influenced Search Engine Marketing by regulating the traffic for specific keywords and providing users with better search results. The Relationship between Blogs and Search Engine Marketing can be summarized as follows-

Regulation of Internet traffic– The repetition of keywords in a Blog a certain number of times will enable the website to get a better rank on a search engine. By spotting the keyword in the article users are able to spot the website easily.

  • Increased sales– With increased web traffic the website will be able to get better sale results.
  • Specific topic search– Unlike online encyclopedias Blogs enables users to conduct specific search on sites which gives them a wider array of information from a personalized point of view. This enables websites to come up with specific keywords that will enable better search criteria’s.
  • Reduced Spamming– The Blog enables website to present a keyword in an article in a number of times so as to avoid Spamming. If a keyword is repeated more than ten times then the article is spammed. It will not be able to come on the top rank of the search site.

Therefore Blogs enable Search Engine marketing to monitor the Internet traffic and at the same time allow websites to increase their sales.